Smart Energy Monitoring

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Smart Energy Monitoring

Smart Home Metering


The Smart Home Metering Energy system installs in your home's electrical panel and provides real-time home energy usage, notifications when devices turn on or off, and goals to track savings. Using the Smart Home Metering app, keep tabs on your home anywhere, from your phone.

Take Control of Your Energy Bill

The system monitors the electricity in your home, helping you manage your power usage and solar generation.

  • Easily spot inefficiencies that increase your bills
  • See what's on in your home 24/7 to keep your home safe
  • Estimate your monthly energy bills
  • Take advantage of cheaper, off-peak energy to save money
  • Smart device integrations include Phillips Hue, Wemo Insight, and Kasa smart plugs


Smart Home Monitoring simplifies Homeowner’s life

  • Keep tabs on your  home activity  from anywhere
  • Save money  on your  electric bill with live  energy  tracking
  • Get notified with  instant  alerts  of appliances left  on or off
  • Take control  of your  energy  through  smart device integration

Solar homes will benefit as well

For example, after purhcasing a home with a pre-existing solar system, some new homeowners behave as if their electricity is unlimited and become more careless with using appliances and devices. They need to better understand how much power their solar panels are producing and how their behavior can reduce energy usage and save money. One way to do that is through a Smart Energy Monitoring System that can shed light on what devices and appliances are on, what’s off and how much energy the home is using. 


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